Aims And Objectives

Under the Government Resolution dated 07 Sep 1919, the then Government of India suspended the functioning of the Central Recruiting Board and at its place a new Board was established called the Indian Soldier's Board to advise on matters affecting the interest of serving, discharged and deceased Indian Soldiers and non-combatants and their dependents. This Board was then affiliated to the Army Department of the Government.

Due to the steady expansion of the Navy and Air Force during the Second World War, the need for a single organization to perform the same functions in relation to all the three services was felt and the Board was consequently reconstituted in April 1944. Later in March 1951, it was renamed as the Indian Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen's Board. The designation of the Board was changed to the Kendriya Sainik Board in 1975. This Board functions under the Ministry of Defense as an Inter-Services Organization.

Though Welfare of the ex-serviceman and their dependents is the joint responsibility of the Centre and the State/UTs, however, majority of the problems have to be resolved only by the States/UTs. To assist the State Government in this regard, there are 31 Rajya Sainik Boards in the Country. Like the Kendriya Sainik Board at the Centre, The Rajya/Zilla Sainik Boards are advisory bodies in respect of policy formulation with regard to resettlement and welfare of ex-serviceman residin g in States/Zillas. However, the implementation of various resettlement and welfare schemes is carried out through Depts. of Sainik Welfare in States and Zilla Sainik Welfare Offices at Zillas.

Channel of Command and Control as under :-

(a) The Collector & President
(b) Zilla Sainik Welfare Officer - RDC
(c) Welfare Organizer

(c) Head Clerk
(d) DC ,
(c) Welfare Organizer