Rivers and Dams

Painganga river

Painganga river flows in the northern region of the district. The river passes through Sengaon taluka and Kalamnuri taluka.

Purna River

Purna river flows from southern side of Sengaon. It flows further south from Aundha and Basmat.

Kayadhu River

It is main river of the district. It flows through Sengaon, Hingoli, Aundha Nagnath and Kalamnuri. It meets further to Painganga river in Nanded district.

Upper Painganga Dam

Upper Painganga dam has been constructed on Painganga river at Isapur. Farmers from Nanded and Yevotmal district and some villages of kalamnuri and Akhada-Balapur are greatly benefited by this dam.

Yeldari Dam

Yeldari dam is constructed on Purna river. There is also power generation unit on this dam.

Siddeshwar Dam

Siddeshwar dam is also constructed on Purna river. It is mainly used for irrigation purpose. Some villages of Aundha taluka and all most all villages of Basmat Taluka are benefited by this dam.