Planning Department

Aims And Objectives

This department formulates District Annual plan. This department works as per the plans sanctioned by District Planning Development Committee (D.P.D.C.).

After formation of the Maharashtra State in 1960, Government has adopted a Policy of balanced development on the basis of District as a unit for formulation of Five year Plans and Annual Plans. For this Purpose District Planning and Development Councils (D.P.D.C.) have been constitued in every district. The D.P.D.C. has now been replaced by District Planning Committee Constituted as per article 243 Z.D. of 74 th Amendment of Constitution. The Minister in charge of the district is chairman of the Committee. The collector of the district is member Secratary of this committee.

The main object of this Committee is given below.

The district Planing Committee shall be constituted at district level to consolidate the plans prepared by the Panchayats and the Municipalties in the district and to Propose a draft development Plan for the district as a Whole.

The Guardian Minister of district is the chairman and the Collector is member secretary of this committee. All the matters are put in front the D.P.C. and are to be sanctioned by the committee.

The District Annual Plan comprises following plans. These are

General Plan
Special Component Plan (SCP)
Tribal Sub Plan (TSP)
It also monitors the allotment and expenditure of government grants to various departments.
Besides, in Planning following works are also monitored 1) For MLA / MLC - where each member can propose works upo Rs. 80 (Eighty) Lakhs per year
2) For M.P. works -where each member can propose works upto Rs. 2 (Two) Crores per year


1. To ensure Co-Ordination of Various implementing agencies at the District level.
2. To Offer the Guidelines to various implementing agencies at the district level in regard to prepare a Perspective five Year Plan & Annual Plan.
3. To monitor and review from time of time the implementation of Annual Plan.
4. To achieve maximum benefits out of the plan expenditure on the basis of Past experience, local Potential, needs and participation of the Peoples.
5. To remove disparities to the level of development among different sub regions of District.