Nagar Palika & DUDA

Aims And Objectives

1. To help to organize and constitute committees, Neighborhood groups, Neighborhood community Development Committees of urban poor in general and women in particular. To promote thrift/credit activities among women and to create a common platform for their collective action on the issues of their specific concern.

2. To act as catalyst in promotional activities targeted towards the betterment of urban poor through specific programmes operationalised at the grass-root level by the Governmental and Non Governmental organizations.

3. To undertake survey for identification of urban poor and families living below poverty line in the district.

4. To develop effective MIS for proper supervision and monitoring of the various schemes / programme for urban poverty alleviation.

5. To formulate and execute awareness generation programmes for urban poor to enable them to have direct access to resources for income generation activities for self-reliance and thereby their ultimate economic empowerment.

6. To promote people's /community participation in SJSRY and other urban development programmes by involving the functionaries of Local Bodies, Government Agencies, NGOs & international Organizations.

7. To supplement and complement various governmental efforts focused on upliftment of urban poor and pursue convergence of multi-sectoral services to flow unilineally with voluntary force in furtherance of such programmes to promote holistic development of urban poor including women and children.

8. To educate and awaken the urban poor women by disseminating information their legal rights, constitutional / legislative safeguards and issues of equality of status etc.

9. To orient urban poor with the working and procedures of government/statutory machineries to get their work done.

10. To promote people's participation in the development programmes which reach the grassroot levels through women specific concerns, programmes and organizations like DWCUA, DUDA, Mahila Mandal of ICDS, Annapoorna Yojana, Adolescent Girls Programme. Kamdhenu Yojana, Rashtriya Mahila Kosh, Community Development Communities NABARD, activities related to local bodies etc. Such other programmes of the Government of India & Government of Maharashtra aimed at upliftment & empowerment of Urban poor.

11. To gender sensitize the community at large & to alleviate/eliminate social discriminations at all levels.

12. To publish, secure and display educational material in promotion of urban poor betterment.

13. To mobilize/receive community resources and funds from public bodies / charitable institutions and cooperative societies and/ or raise borrowings from banks/ other institutions for advocacy and attainment of aims and objects of the Organization.

14. To receive resources and funds from Government Organizations / Departments/ International Organizations/Voluntary Agencies / NGOs for the implementation of various schemes and programmes initiated by the society and to distribute such funds to the implementing agencies.

15.To implement and strengthen any other program containing intervention packages for the social and economic empowerment of urban poor.

16. To act facilitating unit for Self Help Groups at grassroots levels with, other institutions/agencies with similar activities in India or elsewhere.

17. To assist and to take assistance form and collaborate with, other institutions/ agencies with similar activities in India or elsewhere.

18. To appoint, depute transfer and terminate the services of officers & staff of the DUDA Project.

19. To identify and assist directly in income generation activities so that the economic status of member SHGs in improved by distribution of profits such ventures.

20. To ensure convergence of the urban poor oriented programmes and schemes of sectoral departments.