Entertainment Department

Aims And Objectives

This section is concerned with the collection of Entertainment tax. Basically Entertainment tax is divided into 4 categories,
Tax on Talkies
Tax on Cable Operators
Tax on Video Parlors
Tax on other Entertainment sources

Talkies can be permanent and non-permanent i.e. touring talkies. So, licenses are issued accordingly. All the licenses are issued for a calendar year, and must be renewed by the 31st of December of respective year.

Other sources of entertainment include Pools, Video Game Parlors, Circuses, etc. Circuses are exempted from Entertainment tax. Pools have to pay RS. 2000/- per month.

Following are the aims of this department.

  • Entertaintment Tax uptil 31-03-2010
  • Recovery of Entertainment duty.
  • Over all control on the Recovery of Entertainment. Tax in respect of Cinema Halls,
  • Video Theaters, Dish Antennae, Video Games Etc.
  • Supervision over the Entertainment Duty Inspectors.

Organizational Structure

Additional collector
Residential Dy. Collector
Head Clerk
Entertainment Duty Inspector

Document Required for New License

For new license for the Talkies the following documents are required,
1) Registration Fees
2) Certificate for Electric Fitting
3) Film Division certificate
4) Certificate issued by Medical Officer
5) Certificate from P.W.D. about present condition of construction.
6) Lighting Conductor certificate.
7) Fire Extinguishing set certificate.
8) Certificate for availability of telephone.

Document Required for Renewal of License

For Renewal of licenses the following documents are required
1) All above documents (i.e. those required for new licenses) and fees for renewal.
2) Certificate from Energy and Workers Section.
3) Entertainment Inspectors certificate indicating "no pending tax on talkies".
The entertainment tax is collected based on population of that town/city.