Cotton, Jawar, Phaseolus mango, Pulse, Rice, Groundnut etc are the autominal crops. where as Wheat, Jawar, Gram etc are the Rabbi crops.

Kharif crops:


In Hingoli Cotton is one of the vital crop. Cotton is mainly ripen in Kalamnuri, Hingoli, Basmat, Aundha nagnath and Sengaon.


It It is principal crop in the district. This crop is ripen in all the talukas but in Hingoli, kalamnuri, Basmat the production is on a high.

Phaseolus Mango and Pulse :

In the entire district, this crop is ripen but mostly the production is in Hingoli, Aundha nagnath and Basmath taluka along with these crops Rice, Ground nut, Soybean and Sunflower are also ripen.

Rabbi crops:

Wheat :

This crop mainly produced in Kalamnuri, Hingoli, Basmat, Aundha nagnath.

Gram :

Sengaon, Kalamnuri and Hingoli are the main talukas in production of Gram.

Some of the garden crops such as Sugar cane and Bananas are also ripen in Kalamnuri and Basmat talukas.