E.G.S Department

  • Aim & Objective Of E.G.S. Section
  • Work Of section, Brief Information, Aims,

    To Provide employment to the labours.

    To Prepare annual plan of E.G.S. and to give guarantee to laburs about availability of work as per their demand.

    To Provide employment to the labors in respect of the productive work.

    To monitor the mahatma Jyotiba Phule Jal Bhumi Abhiyan and its proper implementation through implementing agency.

    Economical Schemes

    1. E.G.S.

    2. NFFW

    The annual plan of E.G.S. for the year 2004-05 is of 3710.587 Lakhs.  Up to the end of the month April the expenditure of Rs. 570.55 Lakhs have been made.
    Now NFFWP plan for five year is of Rs. 1.34 Crores Up till now water water conservation works of Rs. 13 Crore has been sanctioned.

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    Previous year information

    Previous year 179 works were sanctioned and 305.13 lakh rupees were spent.

    Current year information

    Current year since October 2004 up to this 600 works have been sanctioned and on that 570.55 lakhs have been expended.

    Extraordinary Work/ Special Achievement done by the section Ex. Mission, Abhiyan etc.

    last year Hingoli District (Boldawadi Grampanhayat) achieved the Divisional level first prize for Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Jal Bhumi Sandharan Abhiyan.



    Details of Training if any arranged

    Taluka level workshops of Mahatma Phule Jal Bhumi Sandaran Abhiyan to all five talukas in Hingoli District.

    Information of special Project

    In the current year as the directions given by Hon Divisional Commissioner in district we have decided to take the works of 7500 farm tanks.  Out of that 2000 works have been sanctioned up to April 2005.



    No. of Computer Hardware available in the section / Office

    In the E.G.S. section there is  one Computer along with printer with Internet Facility  available.