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    National Food for work Programme

    Government of India has decided to impliment the National food for work programme initially in 11 most backward districts of Maharashtra state. Hingoli district is one of that 11 districts.

    There are 5 Taluks in Hingoli district namely 1) Hingoli, 2) Kalamnuri, 3) Sengaon, 4)Basmath , 5) Aundh Nagnath. No. of villages in Hingoli district is 711, Total No of Gram Panchayat is 565.

    Total Population of Hingoli district is 9,87,180. Hingoli district is at 500 to 600 mts height from MSL. Painganga, Purna and Kayadu are the main rivers in Hingoli district. The Geographic area of this district is 4,63,364 Hectares out of which 4,21,300 Hectares area is under Cultivation. Average Kharip area is 306900 Hectare and average Rabbi area is 117400 Hectare. The forest area in this district is 27095 Hectare. and average rainfall of this district is 893 m.m.

    There are two major Irrigation project 1) Purna irrigation project and 2) Upper painganga project in this district and due to this projects command area is 34483 Hectare. and due to minor irrigation projects the command area is 10164 Hectare and total command area is 44647 Hectare.

    397 villages has been selected under water shade development scheme and No. of waters shades are 559. Out of these 559 water shades 479 water shades are selected for work.


    To provide the additional resources apart from resources available under the Sampurna gramin rojgar yojna (S.G.R.Y.) Employment Guarantee scheme ( E.G.S.) R.S.V.Y. DPAP, IWDP,YGSY etc. So that generation of supplementary wage employment and providing of food security through creation of need based economic social and community assets is possible.


    According to the guidelines issued by the Central Government, the following activities are included in the preliminary plan.

    1)Water Afforestation,
    2)Draught proofing including a forestation,
    3)Land development,
    4)Flood control/protection measures including drainage in water logged areas and
    5) rural connectivity with fair weather roads.

    Talukawise works have been proposed in this plan. The total cost of preliminary plan is 131.16 Crores and through which 279 lakhs mandys will be created. In this programme Rs. 1267.81 lakhs , and 10275 M.T. Wheat and 2183 M T Rice is sanctioned for this year to Hingoli district.

    In Hingoli district implementation of the programme is started since 11 th of February 2005 and up to 21 th may 2005, 2150 workers of Rs. 13 Crore have been sanctioned under National food for work programme.

    The total cost of the sanctioned works is Rs.1300 lakhs. The details of sanctioned works under this programme is as under.

    Sr. NO Type 
    No Of
    Cost Of
    1 Water Conservation 311 644.40
    2 Irrigation Nil Nil
    3 Forestry Nil Nil
    4 Roads Nil Nil

    The process for fixation of agency to prepare of 5 Years Perspective plan is in progress. and very soon the agency will be fixed. The preliminary plan is already been prepared for this scheme. Preliminary plan of Rs.13516.15 lakhs has been prepared. The details of the works proposed in preliminary plan according to their type is as under.

    Sr. NO

    Type Of Work

    No Of Work Included In the Preliminary Plan
    Cost Of Total works proposed 
    ( In Lakhs)
    Tentative Creation Of Man Days
    ( In Lakhs)

    1 Water Conservation 82253 10215.89 217.35 65503 Hectar 148.40 K.M.
    2 Irrigation 99 1727.99 36.76  
    3 Forestry 6127 Hec 1343.27 28.58
    4 Roads 8 229.00 4.87 6.5 K.M.
    Total 13516.15 287.57